lundi 19 décembre 2016

Space Pursuit retake...

J'aime, de temps à autres, reprendre une vieille animation et la moderniser pour voir si je ferais mieux maintenant.
Voici un petit test, à partir d'une animation réalisée il y a plusieurs années.
J'ai repris le décor, re-rendu toute la scène en Full HD, et refait tous les effets spéciaux et sonores.
L'ancienne scène est incrustée en vignette, à titre de comparaison.

From times to times, I like to retake a previous animation, just to see if I can get better realists with experience.
Here is a test made from a short sequence made several years ago.
I have reworked the environment, re-rendered the scene in full HD, and remade all SFX and sounds. The former sequence is inserted as a vignette for comparison.

dimanche 6 novembre 2016

Scene fantomatique - Ghostly scene

Je fais toujours des test et essais pour mon futur court métrage sur la Dame Dimanche de Trecesson, toujours en cherchant à donner un effet "Tableau animé" en mixant des éléments légèrement animés à des éléments en 2D placés en profondeur pour obtenir un effet de parallaxe.
Ici, la scène a été réalisée dans Lightwave, puis composée dans Motion. Les animation de la robe et du voile ont été faites dans Lightwave avec Syflex et corrigées ensuite dans Chronosculpt.

I'm still doing some tests for my someday-to-come short movie about the White Lady of Trecesson. I'm still trying to get a sensation of "animated painting" by using the 2.5D technique, with 2D cards placed in a 3D environment to get a nice parallax effect, and by mixing some animated objects with the 2D cards.
For this scene, I rendered everything in Lightwave, then composited everything in Motion 5, where I also added all lightning effects. The animations of the veil and the dress were made in Lightwave with Syflex, and corrected in Chronosculpt, which helped a lot, especially for the veil.

dimanche 4 septembre 2016

Parallax effect

For a personnel project, I want to create an effect of animated paintings. For this, I decided to try to render still on three various levels in Lightwave 2015, and comp them in Motion 5 to get a nice parallax effect.
With a Ken burns effect added, and some re-lighting in post, plus a discreet painted effect added in Final Cut Pro, I kinda like the result, even if I need to fine-tune the workflow.

Pour un projet personnel, je souhaite créer un effet de "tableau animé". Pour ce faire, j'ai choisi de calculer des images fixes en trois différents plans dans Lightwave 2015, puis de les agencer dans l'espace dans Motion 5 afin de leur donner un bel effet de parallax.
En ajoutant un déplacement de caméra de type Ken Burns, un jouant sur les lumières dans Motion, puis en ajoutant un léger effet de peinture dans Final Cut Pro, je ne suis pas trop mécontent du résultat, même s'il faut encore peaufiner le procédé.

vendredi 24 juin 2016

Some fantasy weapons

CGTrader has launched a challenge about fantasy low-poly weapons.
I have decided to try and enter in the portfolio category, which means I have to create at least 8 fantasy weapons specifically for this challenge.

For all the models, the workflow was almost the same : low-poly modeling in Lightwave 2015 ; additional details sculpted in 3D-coat in high-poly and texturing made in substance painter.

Here are the first ones :

dimanche 3 avril 2016

Hexagonal modular fantasy landscape

For a personnel animation project, I have noted that creating landscape for large scene is quite easy with softwares like Terragen, and when I need a close-up, I can model a very detailed place matching my requirements. But for medium-range shots, it's bit more difficult to have something matching my needs while being detailed enough for getting a good realist even if closing-up.
I so thought of mocking up hexagonal wargame landscapes, to get something modular for my animation project.
I turned out to work quite well. I have created six various tiles for now, but more will come (with paths, forests, and some specifics for the project.
Each hexagonal tile can be used with 3 to 6 different orientations, and has three to four different weight maps for driving vegetation instances.
I made the base tiles in Lightwave, the sculpted them in 3D-Coat, and after retopo, painting was done in Substance Painter.

samedi 5 mars 2016

Stone Golem

I created a stone golem for a personal project. Sculpting and retopo were done one 3D-Coat. All painting in Substance Painter and rigging/rendering in Lightwave.

Below a demo video of the rigging :

Below the posed model uploaded in Sktechfab :

samedi 13 février 2016

Exporting a crowd scene from An(i)ma to Lightwave

In this video tutorial, I show the workflow to export collada scenes from Axys An(i)ma and how to import them into Lightwave without losing the textures. I'll also show the three different export options (by model, by animation, all in one group) and how to load the various associated MDD files. The sound is unfortunately not so good, and the following of the mouse by the capture software is a bit annoying. This is my first tuotiral with me new screen and mike, and I have to fine tune my settings. Anyway, I hope this will help.